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Wenzhou Huachao Tech Co.,Ltd. is devoted to development and manufacture of the steel pipe and fittings and partly involving with import, export and distribution of steel products in mainland China market. The members of our management team have years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the steel trade, while Huachao as a whole enjoys a good reputation in the steel industry.
Our main products range covers pipe ,fittings ,valve,flange,stainless steel tank etc.In order to meet the customers’ demand for the boiler and heat exchanger tubes, we developed super length straight and U-bent tubes, and feedwater heater U-bent tubes for the power plants. The max. length of straight tubes can be up to 32 meters. The U-bent tubes produced as per the specifications such as A/SA213/789/688, A/SA268/803,B/SB163 can completely meet or exceed the requirements of the standards.We pride ourselves on maintaining productive, honest and stable co-operative relationships with many global steel mills, especially those in mainland China and the rest of Asia.

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The 47th OTC in Houston is the largest oil industry exhibition in the world. There attacted the world's biggest oil mills,also attacted many good suppliers and buyers of oil machine and tools. It's a well-known accepted platform for goods to enter American, canadan and European Markets. We successfully introduced our pipes, valves,pipe fittings and so on, we make good relationship with many intention customers, it's useful for our company development.